Save Our Children 

  • Forced Masks

  • Covid Testing

  • Pressure to get Vaccinated

Lets face it, the pandemic has caused a lot of stress in families and on our children over the past 18+ months. Chantel believes the school should be doing everything in their power to protect the students from this stress by being a distraction and a safe place for them to get away from it all.  The school has allowed the mandates to put more pressure and stress on the Ridgefield students and Chantel's plan is to be a voice and support for our children.

Chantel believes masks, testing and vaccinations are all up to individual families to decide what is best for them and their children.  She believes in medical freedom and stands for the God-given liberties of each individual, and she believes our children are not excluded from these rights! 


Excited Children in Science Class
Classroom Lecture

ABOUT Chantel Nash


Chantel Nash was born and raised in Vancouver Washington and moved to Ridgefield in 2000 to raise her kids in the beautiful countryside.  Both of her boys have attended Ridgefield School district from kindergarten to graduation. Chantel has spent many hours volunteering in the classrooms, served on the PTA, and has gotten to know many of the Ridgefield students since kindergarten, which has expanded her love and adoration for the kids in our community.  She is a business owner and enjoys various hobbies including boating, kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding and gardening.  Chantel has huge compassion for the children in our community and is saddened that there has been such tremendous burden on the kids of Ridgefield since the start of the pandemic.  Chantel is running for school board to be a positive voice for the students and hopes to help alleviate stress and pressure in the classroom moving forward.